Nicky Carlisle MBACP MA Counselling and Psychotherapy based in Clapham & Dulwich

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My Approach

I will work with you to identify and understand your various concerns and the nature of your difficulties. Making sense of feelings can lead to understanding ourselves better, and to finding more choices about how to ‘be’ in our lives. Talking about difficult feelings in such an environment can help us see that what may appear to be a hopeless problem can also be a message from the deepest part of ourselves.

My integrative training means I am experienced in different psychological approaches and settings. My work is individual to you. Yet we can work together to explore past defenses and patterns, which may not be useful now. This safe space allows us to wonder about ways of approaching the world, moving to a greater sense of ‘self’ with curiosity and awareness in our present lives.

It is this inner world of exploration which can be challenging yet so rewarding.

How Therapy can Help

“You cannot prevent the birds of worry and care from flying over your head. But you can stop them from building a nest in your head” - (Chinese Proverb)

Managing conflict in relationships or dealing with everyday life can be challenging and sometimes daunting. We don’t always know the answers or have the skills to find our way through. Learning to manage these conflicts can be a life opportunity for growth and change, leading to deeper understanding of those around us and of ourselves.

My aim will be for us to work together to create a safe space where you can explore the concerns that may come up for you. A space of curiosity instead of judgment offers an opportunity to explore whatever is going on. It is a safe place where the ordinary suffering of life can be spoken about quietly, with dignity and treated with respect.

We can’t alter the things that have happened to us, but we can look at them differently and this shift in perspective can allow us to make changes in our lives.

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